Looking for counselling or psychotherapy can be confusing.

You might have come to this point with a feeling of wanting something to change in your life but not be sure what exactly that might be.

I can offer you a confidential space in which we can explore the way forward for you...


WHAT IS PSYCHOTHERAPY and what is it not...

Psychotherapy has a long history and has been esteemed and practiced since the ancient Greek times.

The word psychotherapy originates from the Ancient Greek words ‘psyche’, which means “breath”, “spirit” or “soul”, and ‘therapeia’ which means “healing” or “medical treatment.”

In the beginning of the 20th century, psychiatrists Freud and Jung increased the profile of psychiatry and psychotherapy within the medical profession and society at large and their methods became credible and accepted ways to treat mental health and to promote wellbeing.

Their psychological approaches inform many of the therapies practised today. However, while films might depict a stereotypical image of a silent unresponsive therapist and a client lying on a couch, therapeutic approaches have developed greatly and are much more interactive and conversational these days.

It is never too late to become the person you might have been
— George Eliot

Getting started...

Therapy is a collaborative process; I provide a safe and confidential space to explore and talk openly without discrimination or judgement. Taking the first steps can be difficult, but an initial consultation can help you address any concerns you may have.