What to Expect

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We all have times when we can’t see the wood for the trees, we can’t understand why we feel the way we do or wish we could talk to someone who is not too close to us and won’t be judgemental or give us advice.

I provide a space for you to explore, in a safe, confidential environment, to consider options and opportunities.

Although I won’t tell you what to do, where appropriate, I will offer my expertise on how you might think about something in a way that may help you to experience a situation or a way of seeing something differently.


The first session

The first session is an informal kind of assessment session where I gain an idea of what is going on for you at the moment and an impression of some of your background.

It is a two-way process, so it is also an opportunity for you to assess me and clarify any questions you may have.

When you come along to the first session there will be questions in your mind.

  • How do I feel about this person?
  • Could I trust this person?
  • Does this person seem to understand me?
  • Is she likely to be helpful to me?

To some extent these questions are always in our mind when we first meet anyone, but they are crucial ones in therapy because of the importance of the relationship. If we chat to someone at a bus stop it is not so important whether we trust them or not, but in therapy trust is much more important.

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There is no set formula. Therapy aims to provide a safe and supportive place to explore your issues. You may know what you want to achieve from therapy, or you may be unclear about this.

We can work on establishing some goals for you; we can look at your issues from different perspectives and examine the options open to you.

We can look at your underlying feelings and work through these so they are gradually ‘processed’ and understood as opposed to being bottled up. With support it can be a safer journey – and the goals therefore more achievable – than doing it on your own.